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Nivine Jay – A Cpmrehensive Overview In 2024

Nivine Jay, the talented 31-year-old American actress, model, author, and social media influencer, is carving her niche in the entertainment industry. 

Born on May 29, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, Nivine has become a notable figure for her roles in films and TV shows, her engaging social media presence, and her ventures beyond the screen.

Exploring Nivine Jay’s Profile:

1. Diverse Professional Background:

Nivine Jay has emerged as a dynamic personality with a diverse professional background. Her acting credits include notable roles in “The Donut Split” (2014) and the recent “Space Juice” (2021), showcasing her versatility on the big screen.

Diverse Professional Background
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Beyond acting, she has successfully ventured into modeling, writing, and influencing on social media.

2. Educational Journey:

A graduate of a local private school in Los Angeles, Nivine cultivated her passion for modeling during her formative years. 

Her multicultural upbringing, influenced by her Lebanese heritage, adds a unique layer to her identity.

3. Family Ties:

Nivine hails from a well-established Christian family. With supportive parents and two siblings, Nour Petite and Mahmoud, she shares her journey with those close to her heart.

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Nivine’s Journey in Modeling and Entertainment:

Before establishing herself in acting, Nivine began her career as a nightclub waiter. Her journey evolved as she transitioned to modeling, subsequently gaining recognition in various projects. 

Nivine's Journey in Modeling and Entertainment
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Noteworthy among her endeavors is co-hosting the podcast “Swipe Left” with her friend Yasmine. Nivine has also appeared in music videos and commercials, showcasing her versatility in the entertainment landscape.

The Nivine Jay Persona:

1. Romantic Ventures:

Nivine is currently engaged to Jason Nash, a prominent American YouTube star and comedian. 

Her romantic life has occasionally made headlines, including a viral encounter with actor Ben Affleck. This incident, shared on Instagram in 2021, brought her into the spotlight.

2. Net Worth and Recognition:

Nivine Jay’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million, reflecting her success and financial stability in the entertainment industry. 

Beyond financial gains, she has gained recognition for her impactful roles and growing influence on social media.

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Physical attributes and Social Media Presence:

Standing at 5 feet 3 inches, with hazel eyes and dark brown hair, Nivine Jay possesses a distinctive charm. 

Physical attributes and Social Media Presence
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Her Instagram account boasts over 81.3k followers, a testament to her significant social media presence. In addition to acting and modeling, she collaborates with internet celebrities and explores stand-up comedy.

Fascinating Facts:

  • Nivine Jay’s collaborations with well-known internet celebrities.
  • Her appearance in a Doritos commercial as a fitness instructor.
  • Apart from acting and modeling, her venture into stand-up comedy.
  • Her love for animals and enthusiasm for cakes.


1. What is Nivine Jay’s profession?

Nivine Jay is a multifaceted professional, excelling as an actress, model, author, and social media influencer.

2. What are Nivine’s notable acting credits?

She has showcased her talent in films like “The Donut Split” (2014) and “Space Juice” (2021), earning recognition in the entertainment industry.

3. Who is Nivine currently engaged to?

Nivine Jay is engaged to Jason Nash, a well-known American YouTube star and comedian.

4. What is Nivine Jay’s estimated net worth?

Nivine’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million, reflecting her success in acting, modeling, and social media.

5. What sets Nivine apart from her peers?

Nivine Jay’s unique journey includes a diverse background, from starting as a nightclub waiter to co-hosting a podcast, making her a versatile and influential figure in the entertainment world.


Nivine Jay stands as a shining example of a modern-day entertainer, seamlessly navigating acting, modeling, writing, and social media. Her engaging personality and diverse talents continue to shape Hollywood, promising an exciting journey ahead for this multifaceted star.

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