Fairlife Milk Shortage

Fairlife Milk Shortage – The Journey of Facing Challenges and Looking Ahead In 2024

Fairlife Milk, a brand that revolutionized the dairy industry in 2012, has been on a journey filled with triumphs, controversies, and challenges. 

As loyal consumers and curious onlookers wonder about its fate, this article delves into the recent speculations and provides insights into the company’s past, present, and future.

Is Fairlife Milk Going Out of Business?

The resounding answer is no. Despite encountering significant challenges, such as a shortage and ethical concerns, Fairlife Milk remains resilient. 

The company, founded with the vision of producing healthier milk with higher protein and lower sugar content, has weathered storms and is still in operation.

A Quick Look at Fairlife’s History:

Established in 2012, Fairlife aimed to create a superior milk product using specialized filtration and ultra-pasteurization. 

A Quick Look at Fairlife's History
Source: coca-cola

The brand gained popularity for its extended shelf life, delightful taste, and nutritional benefits. However, in 2019, Fairlife faced a reputational crisis due to undercover footage revealing animal abuse at its supplier, Fair Oaks Farms.

Addressing Ethical Concerns:

The shocking revelations in 2019 led to a drop in sales and lawsuits against Fairlife. However, the company responded by investing over $8 million since 2015 to improve animal welfare and reassure consumers. 

Despite these efforts, “ag-gag” laws hinder complete transparency, leaving consumers questioning the brand’s commitment to ethical practices.

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Recent Challenges:

The year 2020 brought about a Fairlife Milk shortage, leaving consumers puzzled. Several factors contributed to this shortage:

  • Supply Chain Disruptions: The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains, affecting dairy production and distribution.
  • Increased Competition: The rise in popularity of plant-based milk alternatives posed stiff competition to traditional dairy products.
  • Ethical Concerns Lingering: The aftermath of the 2019 scandal continued to affect Fairlife, leading to decreased trust and sales.
  • Affordability Issues: Fairlife’s commitment to higher protein content raised costs, making it less affordable compared to competitors.
  • Weather Challenges and Ingredient Shortages: Unpredictable weather conditions and ingredient availability impacted milk production.

Coca-Cola’s Support and Investment:

In a show of confidence, Coca-Cola, Fairlife’s parent company, invested significantly in a new dairy project in Upstate New York. 

Coca-Cola's Support and Investment
Source: skilling

This investment reflects Coca-Cola’s belief in Fairlife’s potential and commitment to overcoming challenges.

Looking Ahead:

Fairlife Milk, despite controversies and shortages, remains a key player in the dairy market. Proactive strategies focusing on sustainability, ethical practices, and product quality have allowed Fairlife to navigate challenges successfully.


1. Is Fairlife Milk Going Out of Business?

No, Fairlife Milk is not going out of business. Despite challenges, including controversies and recent shortages, the company is actively working to maintain its operations and provide products to its customers.

2. Why Was There a Fairlife Milk Shortage?

The Fairlife Milk shortage was caused by a combination of factors, including disruptions in the supply chain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increased competition in the dairy industry, ethical concerns following animal abuse allegations, affordability issues, and challenges in dairy farming and ingredient shortages.

3. Did Coca-Cola Buy Fairlife?

Yes, Coca-Cola acquired Fairlife. Initially, Coca-Cola owned a minority stake through a joint venture, and in 2020, they acquired the remaining stake. Despite facing challenges, Fairlife remains a significant part of Coca-Cola’s portfolio.

4. What Steps Has Fairlife Taken to Address Ethical Concerns?

Following the 2019 animal abuse scandal, Fairlife has invested over $8 million in ethical animal treatment. However, challenges persist due to “ag-gag” laws limiting transparency. The company is committed to preventing such incidents in the future.

5. What Sets Fairlife Milk Apart?

Fairlife Milk stands out for its higher protein content, lower sugar, longer shelf life due to ultra-pasteurization, and commitment to ethical practices. Despite controversies, Fairlife remains popular for its nutritional benefits and various product options.


While the journey of Fairlife Milk has seen its fair share of ups and downs, there is no indication that the brand is going out of business. Consumers can continue to enjoy the unique benefits of Fairlife Milk, with a watchful eye on the company’s commitment to ethical practices and overcoming challenges.

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