Azure Standard Going Out Of Business

Azure Standard Going Out Of Business – Unraveling the Story in Simple Terms In 2024

This article aims to simplify the situation, exploring the challenges faced by Azure Standard and shedding light on whether it’s going out of business.

A Closer Look at Azure Standard:

Azure Standard, founded by David Stelzer, has carved a niche in the organic and non-GMO grocery sector, priding itself on affordable, high-quality products. 

From garden seeds to organic grains and responsibly raised meat, the company offers a diverse range. However, recent hurdles, including legal battles and a fire at their headquarters, have raised concerns.

Is Azure Standard Going Out of Business?

Rumors have circulated regarding Azure Standard’s potential closure, fueled by legal disputes and the recent fire incident. However, as of now, there are no official statements indicating that Azure Standard is shutting down. 

Is Azure Standard Going Out of Business?
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The company has taken proactive steps to address challenges, indicating resilience rather than a business on the brink.

Azure Standard found itself in a legal struggle with Sherman County, Oregon, over weed management on its organic farms. The organic certification standards clashed with county regulations, posing a dilemma. 

Instead of opting for a legal battle, Azure Standard collaborated with county officials to establish a weed management plan compliant with organic standards.

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The Fire Incident:

In April 2022, a fire broke out at Azure Standard’s headquarters, causing substantial damage. This naturally raised questions about the company’s future. 

However, Azure Standard responded promptly, communicating with customers about potential shortages and securing an alternative site for production.

Future Plans of Azure Standard:

Despite recent setbacks, Azure Standard is looking forward to expansion. The acquisition of Sweet Creek Foods signifies a venture into expanded produce processing capabilities. 

Future Plans of Azure Standard
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Plans for a new orchard and the launch of Dufur Mercantile, a local store initiative, demonstrate a commitment to growth and community support.


1. Is Azure Going Out of Business?

No, Azure Standard is not going out of business. Despite challenges, they are actively addressing issues and planning for growth.

2. Is Azure Standard Safe?

Yes, Azure Standard prioritizes customer safety and privacy. They have strict policies against sharing private information.

3. Who Owns Azure Standard?

Azure Standard was founded by David Stelzer and remains a family-owned, independent company.

4. What Kind of Company is Azure Standard?

Azure Standard is an independent, family-owned company specializing in organic and non-GMO groceries.

5. Was Azure Standard Destroyed by Fire?

Azure Standard experienced a significant fire, but they are recovering and taking steps to resume operations.


To answer the question – Is Azure Standard going out of business? The evidence suggests otherwise. Azure Standard is navigating challenges with resilience and a forward-thinking approach. 

Plans for expansion and community initiatives indicate a positive outlook for the company in the organic food market.

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