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Apria HealthCare Going Out Of Business – A Complete Guide In 2023!

Amid recent discussions, questions have arisen about the future of Apria Healthcare, a renowned provider of in-home medical care in the United States. Speculations hint at the possibility of Apria Healthcare Going Out of Business, but it’s crucial to separate hearsay from reality. 

Established in 1924, Apria Healthcare has been a reliable source of medical equipment, respiratory therapy, and essential healthcare services delivered directly to patients at home. 

This article aims to provide clarity on Apria Healthcare’s current situation, investigate the reasons behind the rumors, and outline steps taken to ensure its continued growth, offering insights to navigate the changing landscape of the healthcare industry.

In the realm of healthcare, Apria Healthcare stands out as a thriving and effective company dedicated to supporting its customers. Much like any industry, healthcare encounters occasional challenges, necessitating careful consideration before placing belief in rumors. 

Importantly, Apria Healthcare maintains a strong financial standing, supported by a cadre of committed healthcare professionals delivering top-notch services.

Apria Healthcare’s Business Status – A Closer Look:

Despite the challenges faced by Apria Healthcare, a prominent player in the healthcare industry, there is currently no indication of the company going out of business. The company, which provides essential medical services and equipment, remains operational and committed to serving its extensive client base. 

Apria Healthcare's Business Status - A Closer Look
Source: slidebusiness

While undergoing transformations, there has been no official statement about Apria’s closure, and the prevailing information suggests a continued presence and service in the healthcare sector.

Customer Sentiments and Data Breach Concerns at Apria Healthcare:

1. Customer Reviews on Apria Healthcare:

Concerns have arisen regarding Apria Healthcare’s future, fueled by customer reviews highlighting issues with the company’s policies, billing problems, communication breakdowns, and dissatisfaction with service quality. 

The recent data breach, compromising the personal information of approximately 2 million customers, adds to the worries, with delayed notifications causing safety concerns. Complaints about billing discrepancies and malfunctioning CPAP machines further contribute to negative sentiments.

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2. Crisis Impact on Patients and Employees:

Rumors circulating about Apria Healthcare going out of business create significant apprehension among both patients and employees. Patients relying on essential medical equipment and services are concerned about interruptions, while employees face potential job losses. 

Crisis Impact on Patients and Employees
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The broader impact on the healthcare industry is notable, emphasizing the need for flexibility, technological investment, and collaborative efforts between policymakers and healthcare providers to overcome financial challenges.

3. Financial Struggles, Competition, and Future Strategies:

Apria Healthcare’s financial challenges stem from increased operational costs, labor shortages, and heightened competition in the healthcare industry. To address these issues, the company has implemented cost-cutting measures, structural changes, and a focus on technological advancements. 

Proactive steps include embracing new technologies, expanding service offerings, and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Despite negative reviews, Apria Healthcare remains dedicated to providing quality care, dispelling rumors of an imminent closure. 

The acquisition by Owens & Minor, Inc., marks a strategic move to enhance patient experiences and broaden service offerings under the new segment, “Patient Direct.”


1. Is Apria Healthcare currently going out of business?

No, Apria Healthcare is operational and committed to providing essential medical services and equipment.

2. How is Apria Healthcare addressing customer concerns and a recent data breach?

Apria Healthcare is actively improving policies, billing processes, and communication in response to customer concerns. Regarding the data breach, the company has notified affected customers, conducted investigations, and enhanced security measures.

3. What impact do rumors of Apria Healthcare’s closure have on patients and employees?

Rumors cause patient apprehension about interruptions in medical services, and employees may worry about potential job losses. Collaboration and innovation are needed in the healthcare industry to overcome financial challenges.

4. What proactive measures is Apria Healthcare taking to address financial struggles and competition?

Apria Healthcare is implementing cost-cutting measures, structural changes, and technological advancements. Proactive steps include embracing new technologies, expanding service offerings, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

5. How does the recent acquisition by Owens & Minor impact Apria Healthcare’s future?

The acquisition enhances patient experiences and broadens service offerings. While operational activities remain unchanged, it signifies a potential upgrade in services and product offerings for Apria Healthcare’s resilient future in the healthcare market.


While Apria Healthcare faces challenges, it is not going out of business. Recent developments, including the acquisition and data breach, are part of the company’s dynamic evolution. 

Patients can expect improved services, and Apria’s commitment to its clients remains steadfast, ensuring a resilient future in the healthcare market.

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