is michaels going out of business

Is Michaels Going Out Of Business – Explore The  Changes and Staying Creativem In 2024

Michaels, the go-to place for all things crafts, has been buzzing with questions lately.Concerns Arise  Is Michaels on the Verge of Going Out of Business?

Let’s dive into the world of Michaels and find out what’s happening in simple words.

Answering the Big Question:

The quick answer is, no, Michaels is not closing its doors forever. It’s true that some Michaels stores have closed, making us a bit worried. 

However, Michaels is virtually going through some changes. It’s like rearranging your room to make it better!

What’s Michaels All About:

Michaels is a fantastic place for creative minds. You can find art supplies, home decorations, and everything you need for crafting.It’s been around since 1973, helping artists and craft lovers bring their ideas to life.

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Why Certain Stores Are Shutting Down:

Michaels isn’t giving up, however it’s far making clever moves. The way people shop is changing, especially with more online shopping. 

Why Certain Stores Are Shutting Down
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This made it hard for some big Michaels stores to keep up. So, they decided to close a few stores that were not doing well.

Facing Challenges:

Michaels also faced tough times because of the pandemic. When people couldn’t go to stores, Michaels had to find new ways to stay open. They started doing more online stuff, like workshops and selling things on the internet.

  • Michaels encountered legal trouble with a lawsuit amid its existing challenges.
  • Customers alleged that Michaels overcharged them for taxes.
  • This added an extra layer of complexity to Michaels’ already difficult situation.
  • The lawsuit presented additional hurdles for Michaels to navigate.

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How Michaels Responded:

Michaels didn’t hide from all the rumors. They said, “Hey, we’re just closing a few stores to save money and make things better.” They want to be around for a long time and keep helping you be creative.

New Owners and Bright Future:

Guess what? Michaels got a new friend! A company called Apollo Global Management bought Michaels for a lot of money. 

This is like a superhero team-up to help Michaels stay strong and keep helping you make awesome crafts.


1. Is Michaels going out of business?

No, Michaels isn’t going out of business. While some stores have closed, the company is making strategic changes to adapt to the evolving retail landscape.

2. What caused Michaels to close some stores?

Michaels closed some stores due to changes in how people shop, increased online competition, and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Who owns Michaels now?

Michaels is currently owned by Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm that acquired the company in a significant deal.

Michaels faced legal issues, including a class-action lawsuit, accusing the company of overcharging customers for sales tax, leading to additional challenges for the company.

5. Is Michaels nonetheless offering offerings to customers?

Yes, Michaels continues to be supplying offerings to customers.Yes, Michaels continues to be supplying offerings to customers.

Final Thoughts

So, is Michaels saying goodbye? No way! They’re just making changes, like a butterfly turning into something even more amazing. Michaels will be here, with its aisles full of creativity, for a very long time.

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